It’s very important to believe that you’re the one. We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey. We stress cultural relevancy and utilize all medias and means to communicate the church message. It’s very important to believe that you’re the one.

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Choir Department

Choirs Of The Church

Holy mission choir started 1998, then the church was worshiping in a small room, After some year move down to their new site and the Journey begins in full. The patron and matron of holy mission choir then was (Hon. Evang. Godwin) which was the choir patron and the matron (M.I.C Abimbola).

During this period, the patron & matron performed well and their work was recognized to the glory of God for the church and the choir as a whole. The choir master of holy mission choir was Senior Evang. Akinjim Idowu and Bro. Mosco Afolabi. While the Choir Mistress M.I.C Oluwole Yemisi. Along the line holy mission choir was moving forward to the glory of God, another Choir master was appointed named Senior Evang. Obadunke and he is the choir master till date with M.I.C Oluwole Yemisi. Holy mission choir has performed and achieved beautifully both home and abroad. The choir had also received the awards of recognition in various places such as prophet ad prophetess award e.t.c Due to all these progress the church had new appointed Patron and Matron from 2017 till date which are Evang. Augustine Sunday , Evang Olaoluwa Jaiyesimi as patrons and L/Snr/E/S/P Oke as matron. And also new executive and assistant choir master were appointed into the group which are :

  • Sup/Snr/Ldr Seun Adenodi (Choir Coordinator)
  • Bro. Gabriel Ajayi (Secretary)
  • Eld/Bro Opeoluwa Adenowo (Asst. Choir Master)
  • Sis. Sarah Adenrele (Asst. Choir Mistress)
  • Sis. Seun Cole (Asst. Choir Mistress)
  • Bro. Imole Lawal (Corator)
  • Bro. Micheal Ajayi ( Keyboardist)

We are looking forward to bring back lost souls to Christ and to His Vineyard .We are also looking forward to having new members who are willing to support in all ways. Meanwhile, we want to use this medium to commend our Patrons, Matrons, Advisers and our Executives for their drive and leadership skills .We pray God will continue to give them a divine wisdom to continue to lead us. Above all, we cannot but appreciate the church shepherd for his unalloyed fatherly support for his prayers guidance and word of advice in encouraging us to move forward, God in his infinite mercy will continue to uphold you in all your undertakings, God bless you all.